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    Akebono Co., Ltd is an authorised world-wide Used Car Exporter and Auto Auction Agent of quality Japanese cars. We provide direct auction access to used vehicle auctions, where you can bid and buy Japanese cars online at wholesale dealer's discounted price.


    Our Auto Auction Agency was founded in 2005 in Toyama city, initially focusing only on Russian market, the largest market for used cars, we were able to acquire our own fleet of vessels, port yards eventually establishing our own shipping company, Navis Shipping. Considering that, very few exporting companies in Japan actually own vessels, our high export volume used cars from Japan established very strong ties with local auction halls, local dealers, customs agencies, inland and sea-transportation companies. With constant cooperation with the above companies, we succeeded in offering competitive agency, delivery and shipment rates.


    Since November 2017 Akebono Co., Ltd has established new branch office in the city of Yokohama - one of the largest ports in Japan with throughput of more than 20,000 used Japanese vehicles every month. This gives us a great opportunity in expanding our buisness and making our cooperation with customers more qualitative and expeditious.


    With our unique client-oriented approach, we strive to make your import procedure a hassle-free experience. Our goal is to make your buying experience rewarding with our honest services,support and professional guidance


    To effectively import cars from Japan, please sign up for your access to japanese auto auctions and become a member of Akebono Co., LTD global team! We are looking forward to meeting you at japanese online auctions soon !

    Akebono Co., LTD team.



    We provide selection and bidding at Japanese Used Car Auctions for direct import from Japan to private customers and dealers. Japanese auto auctions are the cheapest and largest access to the Japanese used car market. Our company's Japanese Auto Auctions database is an integrated direct auction bidding system to bid and buy cars at lowest possible price.


    In partnership with Garanin, Corp., Akebono is now offering direct bidding service to our North American clients. Garanin Corp. is an automotive dealer that is registered and licensed in Florida. With his keen attention to detail, Owner Anton Garanin has dedicated to showcase and sell amazing imported cars that cannot be found anywhere else. Akebono has been a long time partner of Garanin, Corp and together we will strive to help others in their finding and bidding needs. Through his knowledge Mr. Anton Garanin can help clients find the car that will suit their needs and then take the client through the bidding process.



    Online Used Car Auctions were established as a replacement to the old style paper and hand bidding methods held before. This IT based innovative technology provides cost-effective, convenient and more efficient way for vehicle sourcing, by bringing together a wider market of buyers and sellers. Thanks to this new system, now you can select and bid from your home, office or even your mobile phone. When importing a used vehicles from Japan,only Wholesale Auto Auctions provide the efficient ways to buy vehicles smartly with confidence and transparency.



    Price is the key factor that attracts many sellers and buyers to Japanese Used Car Auctions. Many factors affect the selling price: seasonal demand, local and foreign legislation change, storage fees, transportation, introduction of new models etc. The price is also determined by the way auction goes, sold in just few seconds; auto auctions provide the lowest possible market price. As a result, auto-auction combines both, the demand for quick selling and buying at the right price and the right moment, making it very well-organized and time saving. 


    In order to secure transactions safety, Japanese law prohibits access to Wholesale Auto Auctions only to dealership holders or certified exporters registered in Japan. This limitation eliminates any possibility of conspiracy fraud and guarantees transparency at all stages to all participants.Whether you are an experienced dealer or a first-time bidder, anyone can buy at Akebono Co Ltd without hesitation.As an officially registered and legitimate company in Japan, we will openly guide you through the buying and shiping processes.


    Wholesale Auto Auctions provide an abundant choice of JDM-Japanese Domestic Market cars, European and American vehicles.You can select the car of your choice among passenger cars, JDM sports,JDM performance,JDM racing, classic cars, vans, construction machinery, trucks, buses, vans and bikes. Over 250,000 thousand cars are exhibited each week across auction halls on live auctions, fixed price auctions and stocks.



    Japanese vehicles are famous for durability, fuel efficiency and quality. Japan has sophisticated production quality control, excellent roads conditions, strict after sales inspections to preserve cars in good condition. Nevertheless, all exhibited vehicles are  carefully inspected by an independent certified auction inspector. As a registered member, you can check genuine vehicle history and reduce your maintenance costs in the future.

    With a glance to an auction sheet, you will be able to find:


    •  Whether the vehicle had any accident history
    •  Whether it is repaired properly and which structural damage it had before  
    •  Whether the vehicle has original factory paint or if was repainted
    •  Whether the mileage is genuine or tampered or an odometer was replaced?
    •  Whether the chassis number is genuine or it has been changed during the registration. 
    •  [It is very important to find the exact manufacture date needed for import taxation*] 
    •  Whether the car has rust or corrosion and how severe it is  
    •  How clean is the interior, its condition, installed equipment and additional options?
    •  Whether it has technical issues with engine, transmission leak, noise, shaking or check lamps indicators

    If you want to find more about auction inspection grading system, please visit our Auction Guidline page.



    COMPANY NAME: Akebono Co., LTD

    LOCATION: Postal code-930-2201, Toyama Prefecture, Toyama City, 429 Kusajima, Japan

    FOUNDED YEAR: 2005/11/25 Toyama City, Japan

    NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 25 (as of October 2014)

    KEY ACTIVITY: Export of pre-owned vehicles, online sourcing and trading  

    COMPANY REGISTRATION: |2300-02-007382| -Toyama District Legal Affairs Bureau







BANK PHONE No: +81-76-221-4181/ +81-66-206-8463




BENEFICIARY ADDRESS: Postal code-930-2201,Toyama Prefecture, Toyama City, 429

TELEPHONE No:+ 81-76-435-4640

FAX No: + 81-76-435-4641    

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