Commercial Agreement

This commercial agreement is done between two parties hereafter the buyer and Akebono Co., LTD.

It states that the buyer receives direct access to computerized database of Auto-auctions from Akebono Co., LTD or purchase from the stockyard.

Auction participation or stock reservation deposit

First, the buyer shall make a deposit in order to activate his account and receive personal access to the computerized Auto-Auctions database. The deposit amount is set to be 1,000$/100,000 JPY for purchase up to 1 mln JPY.

Invoice payment

Second, the buyer selects vehicle(s) from stock or after his/her successful bidding(s), agrees to pay 100% of the value indicated in the Invoice. The Invoice contains the valid date, seal and complete vehicle. The invoice value must be transferred in full amount, meaning the buyer should pay complete transaction fees from his/her local Bank.

Vehicles' technical conditions

During the negotiation with the buyer, Akebono Co., LTD provides all available information, explaining technical report given by the Auction independent inspector.

Claim /cancellation and responsibility

The buyer is to understand that vehicle(s) he/she intends to import is (are) pre-owned/used vehicle(s) and Akebono Co., LTD describes its/their conditions to the best of our knowledge. Keeping this in mind, the shipped pre-owned vehicles’ condition cannot be claimed upon delivery to the destination port. The buyer is responsible for checking local authorities regarding any import restrictions, such as year restriction, engine capacity, steering side, vehicles manufacture year and etc.

If the buyer wants to cancel the purchase within 15 minutes after winning an auction, the buyer agrees to pay a cancellation fee 1000 USD (100 000 JPY) or 25% of the winning bid amount for purchases over 50 000 JPY. If the buyer wants to cancel the purchase at any other moment, the buyer will bear the cost or full sum of penalty charges or other fees.  

For any other issues, the buyer should contact us immediately.

This document becomes valid upon the confirmation of the buyer’ bank transfer.

Akebono Co., Ltd.

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